Sunday, November 29, 2009

bienvenu welcome
do you want to speak you desire to improve your french knowledge.then you are at the right place.thanks to the internet and telephone,you can study with your french teacher wherever you are and receive lessons in your mailbox.
a pronunciation guide[not the standard phonetic] directed at beginners,intermediate and advanced learners to improve their speaking skills follows each lesson.questions are given after each topic for a better comprehension so as to improve grammar and spelling knowledge.

let's get started.follow me.


a /ah/

b /bay/

c /say/

d /day/

e /eh/

f /eff/

g /jay/

h /ash/

I /e/

J /ji/

K /ka/

L /elle/

m /emm/

n /enn/

o /o/

p /pay/

q /kiu/

r /erre/

s /ess/

t /tay/

u /uh/

v /vay/

w /dublay vay/

x /iks/

y /igrec/

z /zed/


Monday lundi /lendi/

Tuesday mardi /madi/

Wednesday mecredi /mekredi/

Thursday jeudi /jodi/

Friday vendredi /vandredi/

Saturday samedi /samdi/

Sunday dimanche /dimanj/


January janvier /janvieh/

February février /fevrieh/

March mars /mas/

April avril /avril/

June juin /juen/

July juillet /juye/

August août /ut/

September septembre /septambr/

October 0ctobre /octobr/

November novembre /novambr/

December decembre /dezambr/


Days of the week and months of the year are written in lower case letters unless they begin a sentence.

Send a blank email with subject as French to

So as to receive free and very simplified notes with pronunciation guide on how to speak French by yourself.

For inquiries send an email to OR call

07093060552 ,07038616039

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