Wednesday, December 23, 2009

time for french

“I would like to learn a French language but i don't really have the time”I can hear you say that. If so then read on. If you can learn something new consciously or unconsciously everyday, why not with French.

[b] Learn while working[/b]
While working, maybe you could listen to French radio stations. Even if you don't listen to them very attentively, just having them burbling away in the background is beneficial as it helps you to tune into the sounds and rhythms of French, and to pick up new words and phrases.

[b]Seize the moment[/b]
During a typical day, there are usually times when you could fit in a bit of language study. Even if you only study for five or ten minutes at a time, it all adds up in the end. In fact it can be beneficial to spread your studies over a number short periods, rather than doing it all in one or two big chunks. The more often you practice and review material, the better you'll remember it and be able to use it.

[b] Squeeze time[/b]
If you go to work or school or university every day, perhaps you could use that time for study. Other times you could use for study/practice include while preparing meals, washing dishes, doing house work, gardening, jogging, and queuing, during your lunch break or at the gym.
The type of study or practice will depend on what else you're doing. In some cases you could listen to a lesson or two, or to other material such as songs, audio books, radio programmes, etc. In others you could practice reading and or writing in French language, or even practice speaking. If you want to practice orally, then you could pretend to talk to a French colleague or instructor.

Almost everyone has a mobile phone. some learners store French songs and play them for listening pleasure and in the process improve their grammar and vocabulary.

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Saturday, December 12, 2009


1. L’émetteur : celui qui a l’initiative de la communication
2. Le message : l’ensemble des informations transmises
3. Le canal : le support, le mode de transmission du message (le papier, le son …)
4. Le code : le system de signes utilise (la langue, les panneaux de la route …)
5. Le récepteur : celui qui reçoit le message
6. Le référent : le contexte (le lieu, le moment…), ainsi que l’ensemble des éléments auxquels fait référence le message.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

the ABC of french language:cardinal numbers

previously on the ABC of french language, i taught you the alphabet,days of the week and months of the i'll teach you how to count in french language.

NOTE: the words in brackets are the simple and correct pronunciation.

0 zero /zéro/
1 un /en/
2 deux /dough/
3 trois /truwa/
4 quatre /katr/
5 cinq /senk/
6 six /six/
7 sept /set/
8 huit /wit/
9 neuf /noef/
10 dix /dis/
11 onze /onz/
12 douze /duz/
13 treize /trez/
14 quatorze /katoz/
15 quinze /kenz/
16 seize /sez/
17 dix-sept /disset/
18 dix-huit /diswit/
19 dix-neuf /disnoef/
20 vingt /veng/
21 vingt et un /veng en/
22 vingt-deux /veng dough/
23 vingt-trois /veng truwa/
30 trente /trant/
31 trente et un /trant en/
32 trente-deux /trant dough/
33 trente-trois /trant truwa/
40 quarante /karant/
50 cinquante /senkant/
60 soixante /swasant/
70 soixante-dix /swasant dis/
71 soixante-onze /swasant onz/
72 soixante-douze /swasant duz/
80 quatre-vingts /katr veng/
81 quatre-vingt-un /katr veng en/
82 quatre-vingt-deux /katr veng dough/
90 quatre-vingt-dix /katr veng dis/
91 quatre-vingt-onze /katr veng onz/
94 quatre-vingt-quatorze /katr veng katoz/
100 cent /san/
101 cent un /san en/
102 cent deux /san dough/
150 cent cinquante /san senkant/
200 deux cent /dough san/
201 deux cent un /dough san en/
1000 mille /mil/
1.001 mille un /mil en/ deux mille /dough mil/
1.000.000 un million /en million/
2.500.000 deux million cinq cent mille /dough million senk san mil/
600.000.000 six cent million /six san million/ un milliard /en miliad/

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do you belong to the group of people who think french language is not necessary?
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Sunday, December 6, 2009

the ABC of french language

Do you want to speak french?
do you wish to communicate fluently in french language?

then don't listen to those who think french is not is a chance to learn french for free.
just follow me and i will teach you the ABC of french language.
let's start from the beginning.

a /ah/
b /bay/
c /say/
d /day/
e /eh/
f /eff/
g /jay/
h /ash/
I /e/
J /ji/
K /ka/
L /elle/
m /emm/
n /enn/
o /o/
p /pay/
q /kiu/
r /erre/
s /esse/
t /tay/
u /uh/
v /vay/
w /dublay vay/
x /iks/
y /igrec/
z /zed/


Monday lundi /lendi/
Tuesday mardi /madi/
Wednesday mecredi /mekredi/
Thursday jeudi /jodi/
Friday vendredi /vandredi/
Saturday samedi /samdi/
Sunday dimanche /dimanj/


January janvier /janvieh/
February février /fevrieh/
March mars /mas/
April avril /avril/
June juin /juen/
July juillet /juye/
August août /ut/
September septembre /septambr/
October 0ctobre /octobr/
November novembre /novambr/
December decembre /dezambr/

Days of the week and months of the year are written in lower case letters unless they begin a sentence.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Factors that influence the study of French language

Apart from knowing how to speak and write French, other factors are also considered:
1. The student must possess the following:
a. Ability to imitate
b. Ability to memorize
c. Intelligence
d. Motivational spirit
e. Hardworking
f. Prior knowledge of the language
g. Interest in the language

2. The teacher must :
a. Be competent
b. Know how to teach
c. Be able to motivate the student
d. Have a good and cordial relationship with the student

Send a blank email with subject as french to
So as to receive free and very simplified notes with pronunciation guide on how to speak French like a French.

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