Thursday, December 10, 2009

the ABC of french language:cardinal numbers

previously on the ABC of french language, i taught you the alphabet,days of the week and months of the i'll teach you how to count in french language.

NOTE: the words in brackets are the simple and correct pronunciation.

0 zero /zéro/
1 un /en/
2 deux /dough/
3 trois /truwa/
4 quatre /katr/
5 cinq /senk/
6 six /six/
7 sept /set/
8 huit /wit/
9 neuf /noef/
10 dix /dis/
11 onze /onz/
12 douze /duz/
13 treize /trez/
14 quatorze /katoz/
15 quinze /kenz/
16 seize /sez/
17 dix-sept /disset/
18 dix-huit /diswit/
19 dix-neuf /disnoef/
20 vingt /veng/
21 vingt et un /veng en/
22 vingt-deux /veng dough/
23 vingt-trois /veng truwa/
30 trente /trant/
31 trente et un /trant en/
32 trente-deux /trant dough/
33 trente-trois /trant truwa/
40 quarante /karant/
50 cinquante /senkant/
60 soixante /swasant/
70 soixante-dix /swasant dis/
71 soixante-onze /swasant onz/
72 soixante-douze /swasant duz/
80 quatre-vingts /katr veng/
81 quatre-vingt-un /katr veng en/
82 quatre-vingt-deux /katr veng dough/
90 quatre-vingt-dix /katr veng dis/
91 quatre-vingt-onze /katr veng onz/
94 quatre-vingt-quatorze /katr veng katoz/
100 cent /san/
101 cent un /san en/
102 cent deux /san dough/
150 cent cinquante /san senkant/
200 deux cent /dough san/
201 deux cent un /dough san en/
1000 mille /mil/
1.001 mille un /mil en/ deux mille /dough mil/
1.000.000 un million /en million/
2.500.000 deux million cinq cent mille /dough million senk san mil/
600.000.000 six cent million /six san million/ un milliard /en miliad/

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